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The 'Ugly Kardashian' Is Your Middle School Football Trick Play Of The Season

  • Rick Chandler

As football trick plays go, this is pretty good: quarterback takes snap, stands up, shows ball to ref, point to ref, walks through defensive line, then begins sprinting toward end zone. Touchdown. But Lewis & Clark Middle School (Jefferson City, Missouri) (Go Trailblazers!) added a nice touch: their coach named the play the “Ugly Kardashian”, and therein lies the genius. Kids will never forget a play with a name like that.

Huffington Post:

Lewis and Clark Coach Shawn Griggs told MaxPreps that his players couldn’t stop laughing when he came up with the name. But luckily he didn’t make good on a threat to change it. “Football is supposed to be fun,” he said. “So the name stayed.”

My favorite Twitter response to this: