The White House Struck Down The Petition Asking The Jaguars To Sign Tim Tebow

  • Eric Goldschein

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1. The petition link has gone dead.

Obama must want Tebow on the Bears. []

2. Phoenix-area smoke shop welcomes the Honey Badger.

Because they want him to… succeed? [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

3. Brittney Griner On Jason Collins.

A thoughtful essay on their shared mission. [NY Times]

4. Shaq and Jose Canseco got into a Twitter fight.

Retired athletes insulting each other on social media — everyone’s favorite thing. [Buzzfeed Sports]

Not sports related, still important.

Lauryn Hill is going to jail; make your kids healthier by sucking on their pacifier; Steve Carell will probably be in that last episode after all; a storm in Buenos Aires.

Food porn of the day.

Firefly Squid Sushi.

You are so beautiful… to me.

And finally, tonight…

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