The World’s Angriest Golf Coach Is Just Really F—ing Embarrassed Right Now

  • Glenn Davis

Matt Mahanic is the head men’s golf coach at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama. His teams have enjoyed some success in the past – according to his official bio page, they ranked second nationally in Division III in 2009-10. More recently, though, they’ve fallen on some tougher times – at one tournament in early October, the Hawks placed 11th out of 12 schools. And Matt Mahanic does not like losing. We mean, he really does not like losing. If you want proof – well, as luck would have it, someone captured Mahanic’s address to his team after its disappointing finish. And it is one of the most profane coach rants we’ve ever heard. The swearing starts in earnest around the 1:55 mark (NSFW language, as you might have guessed):

…and then, it doesn’t stop. Busted Coverage counted 50 F-bombs. I counted 10 in the first minute after he flew off the handle. And it’s not just F-bombs, either: there are S-bombs and GD-bombs in there, too. Why, he was even so mad he lost track of what happened at the tournament (saying 11 other teams beat them when in fact only 10 did). And the dad-shaming: cold. The rest of it, though: lava. We’re not sure Mahanic improved anyone’s golf game with this rant – we’re pretty sure he didn’t, actually. We’re glad, though, to get another reminder of how angry golf can make people, even (especially?) when you’re not the one playing it.

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