There’s At Least One ‘Stay D12’ Billboard Still Standing In Los Angeles

  • Eric Goldschein

stay d12

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1. Hurry up and get rid of that already.

David Lee, reporting from Sunset Boulevard. [TNLP]

2. You can’t play as Aaron Hernandez in Madden 25.

Because… you know. [LBS]

3. Lessons from NBA free agency.

From Grantland’s Zach Lowe. [Grantland]

4. Rasheed Wallace joins the Pistons as a coach.

Another Knick retires and becomes a coach the next season. COINCIDENCE?! (Yes.) [BI Sports]

Not sports related, still important.

Here’s some Ikea porn for you; Mexico is fatter than the U.S. now; Osama bin Laden was pulled over for speeding; new urinal design — gross or cool?.

And finally, tonight…

Ok, NOW I don’t want to eat fast food anymore.