There’s A New Anastasia Ashley Surfing Video That You’re Going To Want To Watch Over And Over

  • Eric Goldschein

anastasia ashleyI am by no means a surfing expert — here in New York, the only time we get killer waves is when a superstorm rocks our shores and cause billions of dollars in damage. But I know what a good surfing video looks like, and this latest Anastasia Ashley effort is a good surfing video. You’re going to want to watch it. Multiple times.

You remember Ashley: She blew up the Internet with her “twerking” warmup, and went butt-to-butt with Kim Kardashian in a selfie contest (which we think she won, because athletes > everything). Here she is in Hawai’i, which looks pretty nice this time of year. We think you’ll forgive the minimal actual “surfing” in this clip for the beautiful waves… and stuff.

You can even watch it in 3D:

RED cameras are what’s up.