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They’ve Finally Combined Ping Pong With Racquetball: Here’s Uberpong

  • Rick Chandler

Actually I think they’re calling it “Inclusion”, which is a terrible name. Uberpong is actually the name of the site where I found this story. Great idea, though: the two should get together and work something out. Basically what you’ve got here is table tennis with sidewalls, so a typical game might more resemble air hockey or pong. It’s the ping pong version of three-dimensional chess.

Some dudes are trying to crowdsource a company to produce these strap-on sidewalls, so go to Kickstarter and see what’s what.

Two high school friends were playing Table Tennis in a small basement. The goal: To keep the rally going as long as possible. The solution: Use the walls. They played the game according to these new rules for weeks until they realized: Why not fuse the walls to the table and forever change the game? And thus, INCLUSION was in its nascent stage.

Fast forward several years, hundreds of phone calls and thousands of man hours, INCLUSION grew from an idea, to a product concept, to what it is today: Ready for its introduction to the world.

New rule: Only attractive women may play uberpong. It will be the next big televised sport. 2016 Olympics, your move.