This 4th Grade Girl Plays On The High School Varsity Team Because She Can Seriously Ball

  • Eric Goldschein

Fourth grader Jaden Newman plays for the high school girls varsity basketball team. I would say this is embarrassing for the high schoolers, but there’s no shame in getting schooled by a nine-year-old with this type of step-back jumper and handles. I am NOT JOKING. This girl is the fourth grade girl version of Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson and Nate Robinson all in one. She’s like a pint-sized Maya Moore in that Uncle Drew video:

Her older brother Julian also plays way above his weight class, and they both play for their dad at Downey Christian in Orlando. I hope this isn’t too crass, but Dad, you clearly have top-notch stuff. Might wanna consider bottling that, selling a few pints.

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