This Dude Turned Down A Michigan State Football Scholarship To Focus On His Rap Career

  • Eric Goldschein

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1. He also rolls that weed up, and bakes, just FYI.

File this one under: Poor decisions. [Larry Brown Sports]

2. Oklahoma didn’t get the memo.

We appreciate the confidence… but come on. [Reddit]

3. The Grandy Man is back.

One of the Yankees’ 5,000 injured players returns tonight, will start in left. [ESPN]

4. The evolution of Mike Conley.

The Grizzlies’ unheralded point guard is on the rise. [Grantland]

Not sports related, still important.

Joe Biden addresses the “chocolate bullets” initiative; rich moms hiring handicapped people to cut the lines for them at Disney World; Pittsburgh loves live TV; the sun is going crazy.

And finally, tonight…

Who needs guns?