This Golf Fan Is A Little Too Proud Of His Box Of Prilosec Autographed By Larry The Cable Guy

  • Rick Chandler

The scary question is, did dude just happen to have some Prilosec on him when he spotted Larry the Cable Guy? Or did he bring the trusted frequent heartburn relief medicine with him to the golf tournament in hopes of scoring this treasured signature? Either way, it’s probably the saddest thing I’ve ever seen, and this man should be carefully watched. Nevada authorities, you’ve been warned.

Larry TCG (left … the camo is a nice touch) is participating in his first American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament at Stateline, NV, where practice rounds ended on Thursday. Today the actual competition begins — televised on NBC today through Sunday — although tempered by the fact that American Century regulars Michael Jordan and Tony Romo are not here this year.

Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Urban Meyer, Chipper Jones and Michael Phelps are among the ones who are here, however. And Kevin Nealon, who is paired with Larry the Cable Guy today.

Complete Friday pairings.

Top Ten Questions Of The American Century Championship:

1. Will today’s threesome of Goose Gossage, Trevor Hoffman and Eric Gagne play only the ninth and 18th holes?

2. Will Rascal Flatts try to use their clubs as passin’ tools at the Fancy Eatin’ Table?

3. Will today’s threesome of Robbie Gould, Sebastian Janikowski and Ryan Succop ask for a holder on tee shots?

4. Will Detlef Schrempf … wait … Detlef Schrempf?

5. Will today’s threesome of John Fox, Mike Smith and Herm Edwards attempt to cut Gould, Janikowski and Succop out of habit?

6. Will a soap opera star, Jack Wagner, win it all, proving decisively that golf is not really a sport? (He’s done it three times before).

7. What are the odds on Barkley?

8. Over-under on Joe Theismann restroom trips?

9. Will Ray Allen again wear yellow?

10. Will the grouping of Joe Buck, Alfonso Ribeiro and Jermaine Dye rip apart the space-time continuum?

Photos: SportsGrid.

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