Animated Graphic Showing Belgium Bombarding U.S. Goal Will Make You Wince

  • Rick Chandler

Yes Tim Howard had a monster day against Belgium, and yes, the U.S. did much better than expected in this World Cup. But when head coach Jurgen Klinsmann tells us at the beginning of the proceedings that the #USA team is not quite ready to be in the same class as the world’s soccer elite, maybe next time we’ll listen to him.

Simply put, Belgium dominated us on Tuesday. If not for some gutsy play by the U.S. side — highlighted by Howard’s superhuman effort in the net — the Belgians would have won 5-0 in regulation. Just look at the graphic below, which charts Belgium’s shots in five-minute intervals. Warning: may make you dizzy.

That’s 39 shots on goal (yikes), to 17 for the U.S. Here’s the tally at the end of regulation.