This Happened: Chelsea Coach Gave His Benchwarmers A New TV During A Match

  • Rick Chandler

Chelsea was about to play Swindon in a Capital One Cup match earlier today, and because Samsung is a sponsor for both teams, the coaches each got a new TV. Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho either watches all his shows on the Internet, or doesn’t like Samsung, because the first thing he did was turn and present the new TV to two of his benchwarmers. As the English say, he wasn’t too keen on it.

Your move, NCAA.

Sporting 22:

Mourinho turned to his substitutes, Andre Schurrle and Ramires, and presented them with the flat screen television.

Meanwhile Chelsea beat Swindon 2-0 to qualify for the next of the Capital One competition. Torres and Ramires were both on target in what was a one sided affair with only a couple of flashes from the home side.

Yes, Ramires got in the game. Guess he has to forfeit his half of the TV.