This Romanian Soccer Field Chalking Brought To You By Booze

  • Rick Chandler

Yes, tasty booze — ask for it by name.

According to, a groundskeeper in Romania decided to switch things up and go drinking before the big soccer match, instead of after. Results were mixed.

Google Translate takes over from here:

A league match ‘honor’ of Timis County has provided images raving. The man who had to deal with mapping land went to the pub before the game. The result is plotted chaotic streaks that would bedevil any advanced technology that UEFA may approve the goal line :)

The incident happened half a year ago, and the official explanation was “man barely returned from a prayer!” (Prayer is spending the inhabitants of Banat do the Virgin Mary, a kind of campeneasca party, attended by the whole village)

“Plotted chaotic streaks” shall now be the new term for getting totally wasted.


Love how this line just ends for no apparent reason. Also, why don’t these things have erasers?:

Luckily there are no out of bounds in soccer. So, play on! (Hic!)