Not-So-Terrifying Three-Legged Alligator Just Chillin’ On The Fairway At The Zurich Classic

  • Eric Goldschein

One way to spice up the Zurich Classic: Have a bunch of alligators turn up and walk around the golf course. One of these visitors was missing a leg. It was scary — for me, at least. It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie, except no one seemed particularly worried about it.

Watching this makes me legitimately nervous, but no one, including a golfer just trying to get his ball out of the bunker, seems to mind. Just your typical modern-day dinosaur, albeit with one leg missing, walking around. Alrighty then:

This is the hazard of playing golf in Avondale, Louisiana. And by hazard, I mean thing that we can have a good laugh about and move on. Somebody named Boo Weekley is winning this golf tournament at the moment, by the way.

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