Tianlang Guan Finishes Strong With 12 Over Par For The Tournament — Winning Low Amateur

  • Jake O'Donnell

When I was 14, I learned how to read a clock. Guan, a 14 year old hailing from China, shot 73-75-77-75 at Augusta this weekend. And while that may be a feel good story for Tianlang Guan, for me, it’s just a reminder that I still don’t really know how to read a clock.

Shooting a collective 300 won’t win you a green jacket, but it will distinguish you from the other 5 amateurs in the tournament, who failed to make it as far as Guan. Consider him the amateur champion. Does he get a green polo? How about a windbreaker?

Besides, showing up at high school next year wearing a green blazer would get you stuffed in a locker.