Will Connection To HGH-Smuggling Doctor Lead To More Tiger Drama?

  • Ben Axelrod

When Dr. Anthony Galea pleaded guilty to bringing unapproved drugs-including human growth hormone- across the U.S. border, some speculated that those drugs were for some of his more famous clients, most notably Alex Rodriguez and Tiger Woods.

And while we already know that Rodriguez has a history with performance-enhancing drugs, Woods’ name has yet to be tarnished by a link to PEDs.

Today, Rod Personius, the lawyer for Galea’s former assistant, tried to dispel rumors that Woods received drugs from Galea.

“I tell you categorically that Tiger did not receive either banned or performance-enhancing drugs when treating with Dr. Galea.”

“The suggestion in the media through speculation that (Woods) did (receive PEDs from Galea), while perhaps understandable given the vagueness of the currently available information, is both irresponsible and grossly unfair.”

So while there still hasn’t been anyone who’s come forward to accuse Woods of taking performance-enhancing drugs, the longer his name is associated with Galea, who treated Tiger’s injured left knee in 2009, the worse his reputation is going to seem.

Galea has also been linked to New York Mets Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. He will be sentenced on October 19, and could face up to two years in prison.

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