Photographer Snags Photo Right Before He’s Hit By Tiger Woods’ Golf Ball

  • Dan Fogarty

Mark Pain, a photographer for Britain’s Daily Mail, snagged this amazing photo of a Tiger Woods shot yesterday at the Ryder Cup.

The photo was taken just milliseconds before the ball “hit [Pain’s] camera, bounced on to his chest and came to rest at his feet.”

There are a number of amazing things about this picture, chief among them the look on Woods’ (and the crowd’s) face. The general aura of the Turban’d gentleman all the way on the right also contributes to the photo’s awesomeness.

Although Woods was mad about the mis-shot, neither he nor his caddy objected to the photographer’s position. Although Woods and his partner, Steve Stricker won their match decisively, the Americans are struggling overall. Europe currently has a commanding 9.5 – 6.5 lead heading into Monday’s singles matches.

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Daily Mail