Tiger Woods Is A Liar, Or Not A Liar, Depending On Which Marshals You Choose To Believe Are Liars

  • Eric Goldschein

Here are your options.

-Tiger Woods is a liar. Hey, we’re not talking about the infidelity thing (anymore), we’re talking about what he did on the second hole at the Sawgrass TPC. He said the marshals told him Sergio Garcia had taken his shot, which is so not true. The marshals don’t even talk to players. Tiger Woods: bad person!


-Tiger Woods is not a liar. We’re still talking about the Sawgrass TPC. The other marshals with him did in fact say that Garcia had hit. The marshals talk to the players all the time. Tiger Woods: not a bad person!

So who do you believe? This confusion led to that famous little squabble between Woods and Garcia, so it’d be nice to know who’s to blame here, if there is anyone to blame.

In one corner, the original SI report, featuring marshals John North and Gary Anderson:

“He didn’t ask us nothing and we didn’t say nothing,” Anderson said to SI about Woods. “We’re told not to talk to the players.”

“Nothing was said to us and we certainly said nothing to him,” North told SI. “I was disappointed to hear him make those remarks … he was saying what was good for him. It lacked character.”

In the other corner, a follow-up to the Florida-Times Union in Jacksonville, featuring marshals Brian Nedrich and Lance Paczkowski:

Nedrich, who said he could barely see Garcia, got a glimpse of him swinging, then saw the ball in the air. When fans behind Woods began to stir, Paczkowski, his view of Garcia blocked by bushes, tried to quiet them and said, “the other player (Garcia) hasn’t hit yet.”

“That’s when I yelled back at Lance, ‘No … he’s already hit,'” Nedrich said. “Tiger had already taken his club, but we did tell him that Sergio had hit.”

“It’s disingenuous to suggest that Tiger is a liar because he got a minor detail wrong,” Nedrich said. “Basically, he told the truth.”

“Tiger Woods did not lie,” Paczkowski said. “Was there a small mistake in what he remembered? Yes. But I don’t think it rises to the level of lying.”

Ok, got it.


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