Tiger Woods Yelling At Photographers Is Why We I Watch The British Open

  • Rick Chandler

You want to know the great thing about America? A major sports network has a feed devoted exclusively to a golfer who hasn’t won a major since 2008. Yep, we still love to watch Tiger Woods, even though sitting atop the leaderboard has now been replaced by hitting dudes in the face with his drives.

Also, yelling at photographers — that’s always entertaining. Tiger stopped in mid-swing here to call on Jesus for help.

But you know, perhaps I spoke too soon. Woods had five birdies over six holes for a 3-under 69 during today’s first round of the British Open, leaving him tied for 10th, three strokes off the pace of leader Rory McIlroy.

So what if Tiger wins this? Can America take LeBron returning to Cleveland, Brazil losing at the World Cup, and Tiger winning a major all in the same month without esploding? If those things happened, this truly would be a Golden Age.