Today In Overreactions: Throwing Your False Teeth At The Manager Because Your Team Lost Again

  • Eric Goldschein

When your team loses, it sucks. When your team is on a five game losing streak, it really sucks. When your team is close to being relegated to an inferior league because it loses so much, that’s just terrible. But there have to be more constructive ways to vent your frustration than throwing your dentures onto the field, for the camera to pick up in all its slimy, toothy glory.

This overreaction comes courtesy of the Argentine football (soccer) league. A supposed fan of the Argentinos Juniors was upset when the team gave up another goal in the second half to go down 3-1. As is typical, the manager — Ricardo Caruso Lombardi — took the heat, and in this case, the teeth:

Extra credit in this video goes to the dudes smoking cigarettes, just for being themselves.