Today In ‘Worst First Pitch Ever’: The Worst First Pitch Ever, Today

  • Eric Goldschein

If you’re like us, you’re a little tired of the phrase “worst first pitch.” You hear it all the time — and yes, we’ve written posts on the subject before. Sometimes it’s famous American athletes; sometimes it’s actors; and sometimes it’s Korean pop stars (man, we got a lot of heat for that one).

So rather than saying this is the worst first pitch ever, we’ll say that this is the worst first pitch ever that we’ve seen today. That should cover our bases.

All that being said, John Bledsoe — a regular guy who works in insurance in Central Florida — threw out the first pitch for the Stetson-Florida State game on Tuesday, and came up a little short. And then rolled around on the ground. It was sad:

We won’t pile on the guy, because he was a good sport about it afterwards and this has gone viral enough already. But yeah, this is the worst first pitch ever, so far today.

Props to the announcer at the end for his underwhelmed response.