Today’s Teaching Moment: Yelling “PIZZA!” Repeatedly At A Small Child Flying Down A Ski Slope Uncontrollably

  • Dylan Murphy

There are two preferred methods for teaching a child to ski: an instructor, well-versed in, uh, instruction, and letting a kid hurtle down a slope as you ski alongside yelling “PIZZA!” According to Hypervocal, this dad (or brother, or male relative, or SUPER BRO) chose the latter.

The kid starts off slowly, but the whole gravity thing makes him pick up speed. And he’s squealing the whole time, nearly crashing into skier parked in the middle of the trail and eventually wiping out spectacularly. Our dad-bro-cousin-BRO follows alongside, video taping the whole thing with what must be a helmet camera, periodically yelling the simplest of ski instructions: “PIZZA!”

He then tries to console the child with some post-crash bro-pick-me-ups, including, “You gotta pizza, dude,” and “Dude, you survived!” But the kid can only cry and muster a “I DON’T WANNA DO IT AGAIN!” If not skiing, bro-boarding?