Because The World Toe Wrestling Championships Weren’t Weird Enough, One Guy Wore This

  • Glenn Davis

We’ve never been averse to posting about some of the stranger events we come across around here (who could forget the world gurning championships?), especially when it’s the summer and there’s frankly not a whole lot else going on. So when the world toe wrestling championships came to our attention, of course we couldn’t help but DEAR GOD WHAT IS THAT

Well, apparently it’s toe wrestler of note Paul “Predatoe” Beech, who was last year’s champion and is the father of this year’s women’s champ, Becca Beech. A family legacy – heartwarming. Hey, speaking of heartwarming, you know what isn’t?

All in good fun and in the spirit of the sport, we guess… oh, come on, we can’t pretent that mask is anything but horrifying. Even with the potential intimidation factor on his side, though, Beech couldn’t get past many-time champion Alan Nash, who took the title in a victory for people who don’t wear creepy costumes everywhere. Video, and approximately 77,423 foot- and toe-related puns, below. Warning: you will see Beech’s mask, and then never un-see it. But thanks to us, we guess you already have. So… you’re welcome?