Excessive Celebrations: The Tom Brady Girlish Squeal At The Kentucky Derby Edition

  • Eric Goldschein

We hate to rag on seemingly good people for squealing like they just got accepted into their first choice sorority, but Tom Brady is a millionaire Super Bowl champion and Gisele is his lady, so whatever: Tom Brady squealed and started a bro-dog pile at the Kentucky Derby. It was weird. Cute, but weird.

Brady reportedly wagered $4700 on Derby-winner Orb, so he had every right to be ecstatic. I guess I just didn’t expect Brady’s ecstatic to sound quite like this — he is the manliest man in the manliest sport in America, after all:

Did we see Tedy Bruschi and Wes “Sorry Bro, I’m Gonna Go Play With Peyton Manning Now” Welker in there as well? I guess they don’t mind that their one-time leader sounds like a junior high school girl at a Taylor Swift concert.

Gisele, if you’re in the market for a real man, I grunt in a very manly fashion when I do my squat thrusts and celebrate important milestones by nodding my head curtly — a grim smile on my face — and returning to the task at hand. So, there’s my resume for you.

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