TONIGHT SHOW: Tiger Breaks Jimmy Fallon's Balls, Fallon Breaks Rory McIlroy's Face

  • Jake O'Donnell

Playing the role of caddy (sort of), Tiger Woods sat idly while the top golfer in the world and Jimmy Fallon chipped golf balls at panes of glass with their faces on them. It was like an unnecessarily dangerous game of tic-tac-toe. Can’t say it looked fun, to be honest.

We’re willing to venture a guess that The Tonight Show hosted the sport’s most famous players to make amends for their PGA Tour Late Night Superlatives, which were brutal and hilarious and resulted in an equally funny response from the tour. Still, Tiger used the opportunity to let the host know that he sucks at golf.

“You’ve got to get it there first,” he said about the targets that looked to be 15 feet away.

Tiger was voted “Most likely to lose to Jimmy Fallon at his own video game, while Rory got the vaunted “Most likely to be in a golf boy band called ‘Hole-in-one Direction.'”