Tony Corrente Has Quite The Potty Mouth, Goddammit

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Sometimes football is just as much about watching players and coaches mouth words that would make their grandmothers fill their pie-holes with soap as it as about watching them toss the actual pigskin. When the refs get in on the action, well, there goes civility all together. Enter Tony Corrente.

There’s something special about when an official curses for everyone to hear. Players and coaches can go ham all they want, and it’s peachy keen for the viewing audience at home. I’ll watch Rex Ryan talk about snacks with fervor all day and night, but when the ref goes off, that’s like watching your dad cry or something. These guys are supposed to be the voice of reason, but seems that nothing is sacred anymore.

It’s been a tumultuous season for refs though, I say we just let ’em rip. Seriously, CBS and FOX should just start slapping TV-MA V-chips on these football games and let everyone involved go to town. Might save an awkward response or two from Kevin Harlan.

[Shutdown Corner, Getty Images]