Top 5 Best Non-Nudity-Based Costumes From San Francisco’s 102nd Annual Bay To Breakers Race

  • Jake O'Donnell

Every year throngs of people descend on San Francisco to run in the seven and a half mile party that is the Bay To Breakers race. Serious runners, casual runners, naked people — just about everybody participates. To give you an idea of what kind of event this is, it’s sponsored by Craigslist.

This years run is no different, with some hilarious drunk people jogging in ridiculous costumes. Or walking. Or just standing around pleasuring themselves. The point is a lot goes on in the race, and we’ve shifted through some the best SFW images circulating the interweb. Here is the Sportsgrid Top 5 Bay To Breakers Costumes (courtesy of SfGate, Twitter, and Instagram).