Top 5, Dead or Alive: Athletes On Twitter

  • Ricky Boebel

Welcome to the third installment in the new era of Top 5 Dead Or Alive. This feature, returning from a hiatus, is designed specifically to make life hell for our employees. Each week, we’ll ask one of our writers to come up with a definitive list of the five best people, places or things in a particularly subjective category — then, we’ll ask you to tell him who or what is missing from the list. Feel free to be a total dick.

Today, our Ricky Boebel will name the top athletes on Twitter. Tell him what he missed in the comments, e-mail him, or tweet at him.

The Twitterverse will never truly be understood. Especially by people who use the word “Twitterverse.” The basic concept is to write something people want to read in less than 140 characters. For better or for worse, Twitter is now a lot more than typing — it’s full of links, pictures and videos to digest. For this list, we will only deal with the text.

Today, I will select the five best tweeters who have played sports for a living, Dead or Alive (spoiler: they’re all alive). They will be judged on the following traits:

1. Comedic value.
2. Unintentional comedic value.
3. The amount of trouble they get themselves into because of Twitter
4. Good ol’fashion craziness.
5. Insight.