Top Five, Dead Or Alive: The Weirdest Minor League Baseball Promotions Of The Century

  • Rick Chandler

Welcome to the latest installment in the new era of Top 5 Dead Or Alive. Each week, we’ll ask one of our writers to come up with a definitive list of the five best people, places or things in a particularly subjective category — then, we’ll ask you to tell him who or what is missing from the list. Feel free to be a total dick.

Today, Rick Chandler examines the best Minor League Baseball promotions of all time, then winnows the list to a top five. It wasn’t easy. Tell him what he missed in the comments.

Picking the Top Five Best Minor League Baseball Promotions is an impossible task. How does one define “best”? The Saint Paul Saints once had a Sen. Larry Craig Bobblefoot Day, in which they gave out little statues of a restroom stall, with Craig’s foot underneath, bobbling. If you’re not familiar with that story, here you go.

There’s also been Redneck Olympics (West Virginia Power) and The World’s Worst Music Night … it’s all subjective. But one thing I can do is pick the Top Five Weirdest Minor League Baseball Promotions. Because they’re all the weirdest to me. And if I think it’s weird, brother, it’s out there.

Let’s begin: