Never Seen A Skeleton Sled Race A Car Down Icy Tracks? Fix That Here

  • Glenn Davis

Hey, you like terrifyingly dangerous-looking things, right? How’s a car racing down an icy road – literally racing, trying to beat an Olympic gold medalist skeleton racer – grab you? Recently, on British car show Top Gear, it happened. Odd races between cars and other vehicles are something of a staple for the show, and host James May actually did a similar race (against a bobsled) on a previous edition of the program in the same location in Lillehammer, Norway.

What this segment might have lacked in originality, however, it more than made up for in what appeared to be death-defying danger. After all, this is a car going very fast down an icy road. This goes against every rational impulse the brain can produce. It goes against what you’re (very understandably) taught when learning to drive. It goes against what you do if you want to be alive after you’re finished driving a car.

Sure, skeleton racer Amy Williams exposes herself to danger every time she hits the track, but we trust her. She’s a highly trained, highly skilled athlete who’s as in control as one can be on an icy track. Her instrument was designed to operate on said icy track. The car: not so much. So what happened?

We’re impressed with that performance: not only did the car’s passengers survive, they actually won. And there is still no way you could ever get me in a car doing that.

[SB Nation via Quickish]