Topless Euro Protesters Are Still Around, And Now They’re Interrupting Pigs (NSFW, Obviously)

  • Glenn Davis

Ever since Paul the Octopus (R.I.P.) rocketed to fame during the 2010 World Cup for his dead-on match predictions (and by “predictions” we mean “randomly choosing the food in the container with the correct label”), no major sporting event would be caught dead without an animal mascot “predicting” the outcomes of games.

For Euro 2012, that animal (well, one of them; there are apparently several) is Funtik the pig, located in Kiev, Ukraine. Apparently, Funtik’s done pretty well eating food picking games, but he’s not being treated with reverence by everyone just yet. Why, just today, when he was ready to make his picks, he was upstaged by a familiar foe: a topless protester. There have been several topless protester incidents outside Euro 2012, remember (they’re protesting because they believe Euro 2012 will increase sex tourism in Ukraine), but not all of them have led to a headline this good, via Off the Bench:

Topless protest shocks Euro 2012 psychic pig

That right there is a true gem – though, as you’ll see below, one could make the case that Funtik wasn’t shocked at all, considering he pretty much just stood there as the protester went to town. You can see for yourself below, though, as some photos were snapped while this was happening. Needless to say, while we’ve censored them a bit, if you’re at work, you probably don’t want to click through (then again, if you’re at work, you’re probably not looking at this post at all). So here goes. Photos by Sergei Supinsky for AFP, by way of Getty.