Creative Team At mOcean Put Together A Pretty Gnarly Office Trick Shot Video For Tosh.0 Sports Contest

  • Jake O'Donnell

Daniel Tosh claims he is unbeatable at sports. “At sports” should be a dead giveaway he’s really not. Either way, on his Comedy Central show Tosh.0, he recently issued a challenge to the internet in the form of a trick shot competition called “Sports or Consequences.” The rules are as follows:

Recently, the guys over at mOcean, a marketing and production agency out of California, submitted this purportedly undoctored gem, putting the comedian on notice. MOcean aptly describes itself as “consisting of over 120 very talented individuals,” while their trick shot video only features the likes of Human Highlighter, Sharpie Shooter, and E-Mail Man (Burke Campbell, Jon Wiley, and Bryan Dobrik.) Needless to say, they do seem very talented: at both intra-office basketball wizardry and pissing off whoever works in the adjacent rooms.

While this clearly is a jab at Tosh’s claim to athletic superiority, it’s not terribly clear what they are challenging him to do as a “sporting event.” Make his own trick shot video? Make a better trick shot video? Or maybe just put them on his show? What is clear, however, is that the consequence they’ve set consist of the area above his neck and doo doo. Excellent. Here’s Tosh’s call to arms for all amature sports stunt artists:


H/T TerezOwens