Tracy McGrady Made A Baseball Team

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Back in February, we told you that Tracy McGrady was trying out for a baseball team. It sounded like a funny gimmick. But we heard that he had four pitches and could hit the upper-80s, and then Jeff Van Gundy vouched for him, and we remembered that he’s a 6-foot-8 freak. It didn’t seem that gimmicky anymore.

And now he made the team, the Sugarland Skeeters.

Sugarland is a populous suburb of Houston, where McGrady played for the Rockets for just over five seasons. One would have to surmise having Houston ties and a need to sell tickets might influence the final roster decision. Either way, it will be interesting the first time he gets to the mound. The 6’8″ right-hander has been clocked around 90 MPH and might be figuring out a knuckleball. In one exhibition appearance against a local community college, McGrady went an inning with a run and three hits.

The Skeeters feature other notables such as former major league players Gary Majewski (who was on the Team USA for the 2006 World Baseball Classic) and Nick Stavinoha. Also on the team is Roger Clemens son Koby, former high round draft picks Delwyn Young and Ryan Langerhans.

Obviously, the Skeeters want publicity and probably wanted McGrady unless he was a complete joke. So we don’t really know if he’s legit yet. But we’ll be watching, and we’ll be cheering.

And one day, we’ll find what happened with that knuckleball. Such suspense.