“Trampoline Wall” Is Supposedly A New “Extreme Sport,” And It’s Mesmerizing

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Reddit has alerted us to a “New Extreme Sport” called “Trampoline Wall,” an odd mix of trampoline and parkour, and this dude’s demo tape is truly mesmerizing. The jumping-on-a-flagpole business seems like the most dangerous thing, like, ever.

The New York Times was apparently ahead of the curve in discovering Trampoline Wall and uncovering some important facts.

The participants (somewhat ironically) call themselves “bouncers,” the sport is performed in Cirque du Soleil, and these “bouncers” can reach over 30 feet, outdoors.

Of course, trampoline (sans the wall), is the current Olympic sport that brought you such headlines as “China’s Dong flips and twists to Olympic gold,” but “bouncers” don’t like to be held down by The Man, like Dong.

“In traditional trampoline, it’s almost like you need to be in the army to perform because it’s so strict,” said Oli Lemieux, a professional trampolinist who lives near Montreal. “This is much more freestyle. That’s why I like it.”

Support Wall Trampoline, and #FreeDong.