Trick Play! Watch A Backwards-Bounce-Pass-To-Bomb Combo Executed Perfectly

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Yes, that little dot circled (fine, ovaled, GEOMETRY-NERDS), is a football, being deliberately thrown into the ground. Yes, this play went for a touchdown. And yes, it was intentional.

Westminster Academy (FL) offensive coordinator Jimmy Robertson apparently drew this play up and had his team practice it all summer long. On the first play from scrimmage, in the final home game of the season, he busted it out. MaxPreps has the story. You should check it out.

Image for MaxPreps Video.

From MaxPreps:

The goal of the play was to either freeze the defense into thinking it was an incomplete pass, or cause the defense to swarm the ball, believe there was a fumble.

The trick was that the dude that threw the bomb was the quarterback, hidden by three surrounding receivers. The defense would then be shocked that the dude receiving the bounce-pass could throw. The dude taking the snap was the running back.

Seems pretty dumb to me to rely on a bounce-pass bouncing perfectly — especially when thrown by a running back — but the play worked to perfection. When things work they are genius, so Mr. Robertson is a genius. A tip of the hat to Mr. Robertson and his players. Bravo.

I smell a Tebow trademark-bounce-pass-to-Mark-Sanchez-to-Stephen-Hill-trademark-wide-open-drop coming soon! You reading, Tony Sparano?