Youth Football Trick Plays Are Funny Because They’re Basically Just Super Competitive Adult Coaches Tricking Gullible Kids Into Failing

  • Jake O'Donnell

Uh, what? Who? Football? Me? Quarterback? When? Touchdown.

Subterfuge: Seven.

Children trying to play: Zero.

We’re not sure the manner in which these implicitly deceptive TD heists are concocted, but they seem to work pretty damn well. Though nothing tops the Camino Real HS “wrong football” play from a few days ago, trick plays always manage to make you giddy. We suppose the plays are meant to test opponent’s preparation and discipline, even though all they really end up exposing is how ADHD the linebackers are. Watch the Hialeah Cougars (a Miami Peewee football team) take advantage of these unsuspecting 12-year-olds that call themselves a defense.

Here are a few other tactics we question the appropriateness of in youth sports:
Intentional walks
Killing clock

Nothing like a couple of overly competitive adult head coaches developing a strategy to capitalize on the attention spans and gullibility of children. SPORTS!