Über Gay Luge Ad Highlights Just How Hard The Civilized World Is Clowning Russia Right Now

  • Jake O'Donnell

All things considered, like the terrible lodging conditions, roadside garbage, comically detailed bathroom signage, dangerous slopestyle courses, and draconian sexuality politics, Russia looks pretty lost going into these Winter Olympics. To make matters worse, the countries that excel at winter sports are some of the most progressive, media savvy in the world. Like England, or the U.S., or Canada — who’s very own Institute of Diversity and Inclusion just pumped out this hilarious gay-sports commercial promoting the 2014 Sochi games. Moral of the story? If you offend the funnier nations with your ass-backwards social policies, they WILL publicly break your balls.

Conan already kinda made the same joke about the two-man luge being the gayest sport ever, but the 30-second TV spot is terrific nonetheless.

H/T Out Sports