UFC 170: Prepare For Rousey-McMann By Watching An Attractive Young Lady Choke The Bejesus Out Of Her Male Opponent

  • Jake O'Donnell

Ronda Rousey and Sara McMann go at it Wednesday night at 9:00 PM EST — a fight slated to be trouble for the 8-0 Ultimate Fighter/Expendables star, on account of McMann’s Olympic wrestling chops. The two match up well physically (both are almost the exact same height, weight, and reach) and McMann is thought to be capable of disabling Rousey’s signature arm bar submission, seeing as McMann is considered somewhat of a “submission specialist.” Will an exchange of the bantamweight title happen at the UFC 170 main-event?

Vegas doesn’t think so, but then again, Rousey’s body of work isn’t so extensive that we can just give her the belt this early. But regardless of what the outcome is, the build up to this fight is as exciting as it is important, as women’s UFC picks up serious steam as not only the main-event of a Pay-Per-View fight night, but popularity, generally.

[LA Times] UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta says Rousey is the organization’s second-most popular fighter, behind only middleweight Anderson Silva, and that she will fight three times this year.

With that being said, here’s a video that just surfaced of a very purdy lady putting it to some poor schmuck. Girls can fight. Get used to it.

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