A UFC Star Named “Mr. Wonderful” Is Accused Of Continuously Choking And Hitting His Girlfriend During Sex

  • Eric Goldschein

Today in really ugly, unfortunate custody disputes: UFC figher Phil Davis and (former, we’re assuming) girlfriend Vantis Patterson are fighting for full custody of their infant son and permanent restraining orders against one another.

The hearing is May 7, and according to TMZ Patterson will claim that MMA fighting has “negatively impacted [Davis’] mental stability.” As a result, she says that he uses brutal violence against her and has threatened to kill her if she sleeps with anyone else.

From TMZ:

Patterson claims Davis body slammed her on a couch with such force … when the couch slid into the wall paint came off.

Patterson says, Davis — aka Mr. Wonderful [SG note: This is actually his nickname] — would often choke her during intercourse, and when she’d plead with him to stop he’d respond, “Shut the f*** up, bitch.”

As to Patterson’s claim that MMA bouts are the reason for Davis’ instability: We’re not doctors here at SportsGrid (so stop asking us to perform open heart surgeries in our spare time — I’m done with those), but the concept of a man who chokes and hits people for a living not being able to turn that off in his personal life doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

Davis has several counter-claims. Head over to TMZ to read them and see the photos Patterson posted of her sustained injuries. Basically, go there if you want to be depressed on a Friday afternoon.

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