Has This Florida High School Unleashed The World’s Ugliest Football Uniform On Us All?

  • Glenn Davis

Having thoroughly conquered the college sports scene, apparel companies can now turn their attention to an even more impressionable group to serve as additional design guinea pigs: high school athletes. And it’s not just the biggest companies. Sure, Nike’s outfitted a few schools with Pro Combat gear, but the kids can also serve as a showcase for smaller companies – companies like FuturisticWoo of Delray Beach, Fla. FuturisticWoo designed a uniform for nearby Atlantic High School. This is that uniform (UPDATE: new photo/rendering):

If you’re still with us/still have vision after looking at that thing, a couple observations: one, of course it would borrow those stupid “wings” from Oregon’s and other Nike uniforms. If you’re going to make one of the very worst uniforms out there, might as well start with one of the worst, most pointless design features. The neon speaks for itself – or rather, screams violently directly into your ear from right next to you.

And… the helmets. Why go so crazy on the uniforms and then make the helmets that bland? Is there anything on those helmets at all? Doesn’t look like it to us. UPDATE: Here’s what the helmets will look like. Sufficiently crazy?

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