Ultimate Sports Rivalries: Two Japanese Pro Soccer Players Vs 55 Kids

  • Jake O'Donnell

If you’ve ever participated in a youth sports practice, you’ve probably imagined how dominant you’d be were you actually 10-years-old, but built like your current adult self. Brains, braun, and all. Japan — the land where weird dreams like this one come true — has gone and tested the limits of such dominance, by pitting Manchester United’s Shinji Kagawa and FC Nürnberg’s Hiroshi Kiyotake against an opponent comprised of five elite soccer teams.

Five elite children’s soccer teams, that is.

Watch the best players in the entire country try and dribble through a defensive horde of children, without losing the ball or killing anyone, at the 1:50 and 6:00 marks. 香川真司!

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