Undefeated Korean-Russian Boxing Phenom Ends Fight With A Freakin’ Body Shot For 14th Knock Out In A Row (VINE)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Gennady Golovkin fights like you do on your XBOX (no, not with other gamers, like in Fight Night). There’s no Flyod Mayweather clinical boxing, no outlasting his opponent. Homeboy just puts the hurt on dudes, and it’s now been 14 fights for the middleweight champion without the need of a scorecard. No controversy. Just pain. Ask Matthew Macklin, who felt the brunt of it in the 3rd round last night at Foxwoods, when Golovkin took him down with a hook to the liver (and/or ribs and/or small intestine and/or gallbladder).

Here’s a little backstory. Golovkin was born in Kazakhstan to Korean and Russian parents. He holds an astonishing 88% knockout percentage rate, which is the record for a middleweight (all the more impressive, because he’s 159lbs). He’s never lost (27-0) and has knocked out his last 14 opponents. Here’s the question: is Floyd Mayweather down to go up 5lbs and take on this dude for his crown? Of course not, but it’s fun to think about. Like T-Rex vs. Megaladon.

Photo via Yahoo Sports