US Women’s Hockey Team Fights Canadians: ‘All Heck Is Breaking Loose’

  • Jake O'Donnell

The United States women’s team is the top ranked squad in the world. Naturally, Canada is right there at #2. Also, both teams play hockey — a sport known for allowing it’s participants to spar with each other. Rivalry? Check. Permission to kick ass? Check. Illegal check?


American Jocelyne Lamoureux boarded maple-sucker Brianne Jenner late in the game, with the US up 4-1, setting off yet another fight between the two rival nations. Nuclear war will not be far behind.

[ESPN W] Lamoureux nailed Jenner with an illegal bodycheck and, seconds later, Lamoureux, sister Monique and U.S. teammates Hilary Knight, Gigi Marvin and Kacey Bellamy were brawling with Canada’s Jenner, Melodie Daoust, Jocelyne Larocque, Meaghan Mikkelson and Vicki Bendus.

An even better fight went down between the two sides earlier this year in Burlington, Vermont. “We’ll go hard, we’ll play clean, but if the game gets out of hand we’ll manage that as well,” US coach Katey Stone said after the game. Good. We want to see another one of these awesome skirmishes when the two meet up again on December 28th.