USMNT Gets 50-to-1 Odds For 2018 FIFA World Cup In Russia

  • David Gonos
USAMNT 2018 FIFA World Cup betting odds

Photo Credit: Getty Images

With Team USA officially out of the World Cup, and just eight teams left in the quarterfinals, we thought it would be a good time to put Tuesday’s heartbreaking loss behind us – and look ahead to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

We had several young players step up on the USMNT, but we’re also going to likely lose several veterans from the next squad, in four years – especially if a certain German coach is still around.

Team USA checks in at 50-to-1 odds on a couple betting sites, including, for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in the Russian Federation.

What are the posted betting odds (futures) for the eight teams left this year for the next tournament in four years?

  • Brazil: 6-to-1
  • Argentina: 7-to-1
  • Germany: 7-to-1
  • Netherlands: 12-to-1
  • France: 14-to-1
  • Belgium: 33-to-1
  • Chile: 50-to-1
  • Costa Rica: N/A

But let’s look at the top-eight teams that the bettors think will have the best shot in 2018.

  • Spain: 5-to-1
  • Brazil: 6-to-1
  • Argentina: 7-to-1
  • Germany: 7-to-1
  • Russia: 8-to-1
  • Italy: 10-to-1

To put those 50-to-1 odds in perspective, the betting odds of the U.S. soccer team winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup as of Monday, when they had already made it into the knockout round, were 80-to-1.

I believe that we will bet! I believe that we will bet!