Tennis Player Victoria Azarenka Doesn’t Think She Said A Bad Word, Goes Off On Umpire After Smashing Racquet

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Victoria Azarenka is a hotheaded, Belarusian tennis player ranked No. 3 in the world. At the Madrid Open yesterday, her hot head was unhappy with her racquet’s cold performance. So, she punished it. That got her a point penalty, because she allegedly said a “bad word” earlier in the match, for which she was warned. Azarenka denied this, and went all McEnroe on the umpire, who really didn’t want to say the “bad word” she claims Azarenka uttered.

This was Azarenka’s first loss of the year, both in the match itself, and to the umpire.

h/t @JayJarrahi