Video: Anchor Reporting on Donald Sterling Trial Refers To Clippers' 'Spring Training' in October

  • SportsGrid Staff

Call it a hunch, but I suspect that CBS Evening News Correspondent Lee Cowan is not a sports guy. He’s really worried about how the Clippers will react to the Donald Sterling ruling once “Spring Training” kicks off in early October (I used ‘kicks off’ to try and get one more sport in there).

What makes this even better/worse is the fact that he kicks it back to none other than James Brown, who has hosted many a football studio show for the network.

It’s one thing to confuse training camp with spring training, but when one of the next words you say is “October,” maybe you should a quick correction before you sign off. Luckily Brown seamlessly moves into a report about the president fist-bumping and teases some dinosaur theory.