Video: Floyd Mayweather’s Contentious Post-Fight Interview With Larry Merchant

  • Glenn Davis

Shortly after knocking out Victor Ortiz in bizarre fashion, Floyd Mayweather took part in the customary post-fight interview. He spent that interview yelling at an 80-year-old man. The 80-year-old man in question: HBO’s Larry Merchant, who according to Mayweather is unfair to Mayweather, and also “[doesn’t] know shit about boxing.” Merchant responded by telling Mayweather he would kick his ass if he were 50 years younger. Though Merchant himself realized this scenario probably still would have been unlikely, he became many boxing fans’ favorite person for saying it (example: Merchant’s Wikipedia page now lists two of his occupations as “Professional Bad Ass” and “BAMF,” which we doubt was the case before this interview). You can see it above. Even by boxing standards, this was ridiculous.