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Video Games You Need To Be Playing In August

  • Matt Best

It’s the start of the month and that means it’s time to look forward to what games you’ll be playing once you pick up the sticks, mouse, or keyboard! August is typically a hot month not only climate-wise (depending on where you live), but also for video games. Last August mainly brought joy to World of Warcraft fans with the release of World of Warcraft: Legion, the sixth expansion in the revolutionary MMORPG.

This year, there’s a trio of games coming out in August that you should be looking for. If you’re a sports fan – you’re covered. If you’re a fan of an intriguing story – you’re covered. If you like first person shooters with a twist – you’re covered.

Madden NFL 18
Platforms: PS4/Xbox One
Release Date: August 25

This game had to be the one to start with. Madden NFL 18 (Or we’ll just call it Madden 18 for short), is the 29th installment of the popular Madden NFL series. Gracing this year’s cover is New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady. Even if you’re not a Brady fan, you should still shove your bias aside and pick up a copy of Madden 18.

New to this year’s version is the Longshot mode. Think of all the times you’ve played “Be a Pro” in various sports games and wanted more. You asked and Madden delivered.

You’ll star as former five-star high school quarterback, Devin Wade, who is trying for one more shot at the NFL. You’ll choose every single decision from your day-to-day conversations with your friends all the way to chatting with Dan Marino who acts as your mentor throughout the process. Longshot brings colleges back into the EA Sports franchise since the NCAA Football series in 2013.

The soundtrack comes through in a big way, featuring tracks by Kendrick Lamar, Imagine Dragons, Big Sean and Logic among others.

With the actual NFL season coming quickly, you’ll want to pick up a copy of the game and assert your dominance on the virtual gridiron.

Platforms: PC/PS4
Release Date: August 8

If you’ve found yourself getting sick of first person shooters such as Call of Duty or Overwatch, it might be time to try something different.

Something really different.

If the trailer above didn’t get you going (C’mon, everyone loves Spirit in the Sky), then you either had it muted or had your eyes closed.

LawBreakers changes the traditional first person shooter. If you’ve played Overwatch, you surely love the unique capabilities each hero has. If you’re a fan of the new-era Call of Duty, you also like the fact that you can jump around and wall climb. LawBreakers put those two things together and then did more with it.

Their tag line “Gravity – Defying – Combat” explains it all. Very seldom you’ll find yourself on the ground with your boots firmly planted. Instead, you’ll be experiencing a changed sense of gravity using one of nine roles ranging from the sharp-shooting Gunslinger to the always ready Battle Medic or the one person you want in front of all your fights, the Juggernaut. No matter what your game style is, LawBreakers caters to you.

The best part about LawBreakers? You won’t break the bank. The game will cost you $29.99. “None of this $60 multiplayer-only bullsh**,” said Cliff Bleszinski, co-founder of Boss Key Productions.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Platforms: PS4
Release Date: August 22

If you’re an Uncharted fan, this is an easy purchase. You’ll pick this game up and love it just like you did with all of the other Uncharted games in the series.

The biggest thing to remember with the latest edition to the Uncharted series is that this doesn’t follow the usual protagonist, Nathan Drake. Instead, you’ll be following along with Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross who team up in hopes of finding the Tusk of Ganesha before a warlord named Asav tries to find the artifact.

If there’s anything that the Uncharted series offers that most can’t come close to, it’s that of an epic storyline, beautiful storytelling, and breathtaking graphics. The Lost Legacy will be no different in terms of those key cogs.

That being said, this sounds like it’ll be the last Uncharted game created by Naughty Dog for a while, if not forever. If you haven’t played a single Uncharted game, pick this one up and save it until you finish the rest of the series. Uncharted can easily be considered one of the greatest video game series ever to be made.