VIDEO: Guy Drinks Gallon Of Honey While Covered In Bees

  • Joe Polito

One man, 24,000 calories worth of honey and a shit ton of bees. This is the latest installment from YouTube celebrity L.A. Beast, who has made a career(?) out of taking on ridiculous challenges — many of which end in him vomiting uncontrollably.

This latest challenge is no exception.

Sure, it’s dumb. And disgusting. And stupid. And gross. But it’s damn impressive, and the banter between Beast and the beekeeper makes for a great build up. There’s just something charming about a guy taping a queen bee to his chin and then chugging something that shouldn’t be chugged and acting like it’s just another day at the office.

Highlights of the video:

  1. Beast is deathly afraid of bees
  2. He has to tape his shorts so bees don’t sting his junk
  3. Beast: “In case anything goes wrong, is there a hospital nearby?”
  4. Beekeeper: “Ehhhhh, yeah …”

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