Video: Oscar de la Hoya Admits Addiction To Drugs, Alcohol, Says He Considered Suicide

  • Timothy Burke

Former boxing champion Oscar de la Hoya opened up about his struggles with drugs, alcohol, and infidelity in an interview with the Univision TV network published Wednesday.

Saying he hit “rock bottom” recently, de la Hoya admitted addictions to cocaine and alcohol in the past two years, issues that led him to seek rehab — and consider suicide. He also revealed a period of separation with his wife, one he says was due to infidelity fueled by his drug problems.

The problems come in a period of career transition for de la Hoya, who was pummeled in his final bout with Manny Pacquiao. The former Olympic and six-time world champion says he’s been sober for three months, and that while unfaithful to his wife, it was not a “Tiger Woods type thing.”

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