Putin Bans Christmas/New Year’s As Sochi Olympics Loom

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Putin CatThis is nowhere near as bad as the Qatar World Cup situation, where workers are building vaginal stadiums in supposedly slave-like conditions, but… what the fuck? Russian prime minister/president/Grinch Vladimir Putin is banning holidays to make sure Sochi is ready to host the 2014 Winter Olympics in February.

“We have the New Year and Christmas holidays ahead of us. I’d like to say, I think it should be clear that for you, New Year’s will come… on March 18. For you and for everyone who is working on the Olympic venues,” he said in televised remarks.

I’m unsure how two more days of work will make such a big difference, instead of working overtime or something, but, hey, I didn’t win a rigged election, so I should probably shut up. Great call, Putin, you very reasonable man. And get to work, Russians. But watch out for the Gay Police.

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